Choosing Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It has an easy setup, it can be upgraded from the software itself, and there are a number of plug ins a person can use to make the entire process easier. Many people start out with a subdomain hosted on the Wordpress company website. The company-hosted service offers users all the features of the platform. Although the company-hosted blog is a great way to save money, it is not always the best option for a business blogger.

Why You Should Consider Using Your Own Space

A number of people starting their own business may start with a simple shared hosted web space. This gives them more control over their site. It also requires the individual to have their own domain name. Registering a domain name is a simple process, and it usually does not cost more than 20 per year. Using a shared space means a person does not have to worry about their bandwidth, but the hosts generally expect that the user will not garner a lot of traffic. Smaller businesses may find this set up ideal for their needs.

What About Larger Set-Ups?

Small businesses may do fine with a shared hosting space, but businesses who plan to expand may their own dedicated server space. Using a virtual private server or a truly private server can increase the performance of a website. Dedicated memory decreases wait time, and the user has full control over all the files on his server. A user also gains the benefit of not having to worry about another name that a person might have on the same server. Adult-oriented domain names may lower the rankings of other sites.

wordpress hosting is not expensive. Unless someone gets a lot more traffic than standard Wordpress blogs generate, a virtual private server should not cost more than 40 per moth. Dedicated servers start at 100 per month. While a virtual private server is not the same thing as a dedicated server, the virtual private server owner gains many of the same benefits. There are downsides to virtual private servers. An individual must know how to set the item up properly. If he wishes to use a front end like Cpanel, he must pay the licensing fees. Several alternatives, such as Plesk, do not have a licensing requirement. Open-source software can save small businesses a lot of money.

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